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Continuing education is important for agents and brokers

An often underestimated responsibility of being a professional real estate agent or broker is the need to take continuing education classes and seminars on a regular basis. While the requirements vary from state to state, in Nevada real estate licensees are required to take a minimum of 48 hours of approved continuing education courses in order to renew their license every four years. But you can't just rush out at the last minute and earn all of these educational credits in a couple of weeks prior to license renewal. There is a stipulation that agents and brokers complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education during each two-year time period.

Included within these educational requirements are a minimum of 12 hours of classes every two years in the following subjects: contracts, agency, law and ethics. There is also a special course on law and legislative updates that everyone must take at least once every four years. Considering that the state legislature makes some type of modifications to real estate law during just about every two-year session, it's imperative that real estate agents and brokers in Nevada stay abreast of any changes that could affect how business is conducted. And brokers need to take special broker management classes in order to maintain and renew their license.

In addition to the continuing education classes that everyone is mandated to take, many of the larger real estate companies have annual conferences or conventions. While the untrained observer might consider these events nothing more than a glorified vacation to a resort destination the reality is that serious agents and brokers focus their time and energy on learning about a wide variety of subjects. The recent RE/MAX convention that was held in Las Vegas during the first week of March provided excellent networking opportunities in addition to seminars and panel discussions that covered a broad array of topics.

This author attended numerous sessions on broker management, marketing, social media techniques, agent development and brainstorming sessions on how to utilize the latest forms of technology. As new methodologies and software applications become mainstream in the general business community, it is imperative for real estate agents and brokers to learn about cutting-edge concepts and apply them in the most appropriate manner.

One of the most rewarding experiences was appearing as a panelist to lead a seminar that took an in-depth look at vacation home and resort area markets. It was very enlightening to have the opportunity to interact with real estate professionals from around the globe who shared their questions, concerns and ideas about the unique attributes affecting the purchase and sale of vacation homes. During this type of educational session the exchange of ideas helps everyone to have a better understanding of the different market situations that affect our day-to-day businesses.

It does not matter if you are a rookie in the real estate business or have 30+ years of experience, there is always something valuable that can be learned by participating in continuing education classes, conferences and conventions. With the current boom in real estate sales attracting newcomers from all walks of life it is more important than ever for practitioners to pursue continuing education opportunities on a regular and ongoing basis. The real estate industry is very dynamic and requires that professionals adapt to changes in the marketplace and incorporate new technologies in order to best serve buyers and sellers.

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