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Continuing cow coverage - good news confirmed for Molly


Farm Sanctuary residents at play - photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary ( 

Molly, the courageous cow who escaped this week from a New York City slaughterhouse, has found a home.

Meredith Turner, Media Relations Specialist at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY,  has informed me that Farm Sanctuary has been successful in "helping to get Molly placed in a safe and loving private home." 

In addition to providing lifelong care to their residents, Ms. Turner states, "Farm Sanctuary operates the country’s largest farm animal rescue and adoption network. Every year, we assist with urgent placement needs — particularly in cruelty cases involving large numbers of animals. When our shelters are full, we depend on compassionate people who want to make a direct difference for a suffering cow, pig, chicken or other farm animal. Since 1986, over 1,500 needy farm animals have been given a new beginning — thanks to people who care enough to join our Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN)."

The Farm Animal Adoption Network serves to "provide safe, permanent and loving homes for rescued farm animals."  Anyone interested in adopting farm animals can find application information on their website or by calling 607-583-2225 x223.

Donations can be made to Farm Sanctuary on their website .


  • William Sternman 5 years ago

    Hi, Keith!

    As a vegan, animal lover (I live with two cats) and a believer in animal rights, I appreciate hearing this kind of news. Incidentally, I'm the movie Examiner for Philadelphia.

    All the best,


  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Great news on Molly!!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted, Keith!

  • gabbygirl 5 years ago

    You go, Molly the Cow!! I'm so glad she found a home! I'd love to visit the farm sanctuary- wanna go with me?! One last thing- Molly and her friends in the picture are pretty funny looking cows! LOL!