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Continueing The Crayon:

OK, things are starting to get a little weird. As I wrote the other night about the crayon mark on my wall that appeared out of nowhere. The following morning I went to work to open the gym I work at strange events took place there. I was walking by one of the machines and I heard little footsteps running going one treadmill to the other treadmill. I said, OK my mind is playing tricks on me and I am spooked. That was not the case. I started walking down further again I heard little foot steps running treadmill to treadmill. Except for this time I was scared. I felt something over and got a real chill down my spine. A lady I work with came in and it all stopped. I told her what had just happened, and we looked to see if there was anything. There was nothing.

When that happened I felt a feeling of death come over me. Almost like I was in two places at the same time. Last night if I was not so tired I was going to do a EVP. I am going to try it tonight and see is there someone that wants to tell me something. Sometimes that could be the case. I am going in to surgery this week, and could be related to that. I know in the past I have had messages from the other side. Although sometimes not clear, or knowing what it is related to. Last year I had situation with my heart, at the time they thought I had a heart attack. Thank God I did not. I was born with an extra electrical charge is what they told me. I was sick enough to end up in the hospital both times this happened. Anyway, I remember I was really worried waiting for the results, because I try to be healthy, and not know what was wrong with me did not sit well. One day I took a nap, but I was not asleep yet and I had a vision of a little girl with no face in a white dress, almost like a communion dress, and I suddenly felt a calmness come over me. This is important my friend who is my ghost hunting partner has a little girl spirit that fits that description that is in her house. We have done investigations on her in the past. Anyway, I am going in for surgery in a few days, and we do not know if it is her. I do not think it is, because I do not get such a calm feeling. But we are waiting to see what I get when I do a recording. Wish me luck

I will keep everyone posted on this.

Cheryl A Nocera