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Contentment with age

As I sit in the corner of the park and focus on the sound of water rushing over rocks I can just about drown out the sound of traffic in the background. The tranquility of the garden washes over me as I stroll along the path that leads around the tadpole stocked pond. Watching them swim along the bottom brings back memories of my childhood when I would catch them with the intention of watching them change into frogs. However, they never survived long once they were removed from their natural habitat.

I follow the path out of the garden and find a park bench close to the roped off swimming area where I can sit and watch the kids’ splash around in the water, cavorting with their friends. This too brings back memories of a time when I was part fish and swam more than I walked on two legs. Then I noticed her, the lone female among the boys, trying to blend in as one of the gang but yet hanging back on the edge of the group.

So many memories of long ago days when life was good, yet simple. A time when tadpoles provided hours of entertainment and trying to hang with the guys provided hours of exercise. However, as fond as I am of the memories and as much as I like the simpler life style, I am glad I am beyond those days.

Today I have the courage to be the woman I want to be. I blend in the crowd rarely, but find comfort in knowing I don’t need to blend to be accepted for who and what I am. As I tune out the traffic and focus on the sound of water rushing over the rocks, I enjoy the feeling of contentment that washes over me.

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