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Content Marketing Techniques That Work

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Building an online presence is key to your success and content marketing can help with this. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to provide answers or solve problems to people’s everyday lives. This can be done in a variety of ways; the most common being news, white papers, video, how-to guides, infographics, e-books, case studies, photos, question and answer articles, etc.

Many people claim to know and understand that content marketing is a great strategy to attract new business, but do not fully understand the process at hand. Unfortunately, the web does not help, as there are many definitions for the phrase, all of which differ slightly in their descriptions.

In essence, content marketing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to attract new visitors to your business. This is because you will entice potential clients to read, watch, listen to, etc. amazing content that in turn makes them click a link to purchase a product.

There are many success stories and failures when it comes to content marketing. If done properly it is worth every second of time put into it. If it fails that means you need to restructure and organize your content in a way that your audience will respond positively to. Do not give up when it comes to content marketing as this is a very powerful strategy that can bring in a great deal of success to any company.

According to a recent article the content marketing king is Red Bull the opposite is Kodak. Red Bull effectively knows their target audiences interests and created content around that. For example, Red Bull has a monthly magazine they release. A magazine may not seem appropriate for an energy drink, but that magazine is responsible for 5.3 billion can sales in 2013 alone! This goes to show that you must study and research your audience as the content they want may greatly differ from what you thought they want.

How can you turn your business into a mini-Red Bull campaign? Well a good start is creating a blog for your website. Create content and use Google Analytics to see what pages interest your uses and what pages seem to have users dropping off. Then create more content around the information that has users staying and reading your blog and continue building up your readership this way. It will not be immediate, it takes time, but it is worth every second put into content marketing strategies.

It is important for small and large businesses alike to take part in content marketing. Research your target audience and see what interests them. Then create and enticing article, video, ebook, etc. directly for them. Make sure it has an interesting title that will generate interest for the user to read, watch, or listen to the content at hand.

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