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Content marketing takes a sickening twist

Father wishes son never born.
Father wishes son never born.
The New Yorker, Andrew Solomon, Today

The depths content marketing will go

As a content marketing specialist, one covers numerous stories on how to bring informative information to clients and future prospects, simplifying social media marketing, creating step-by-step articles, guiding you to the World Wide Web platform right for you.

This is not the first time this particular ploy of marketing will ever be done nor will it be the last. However, one must ask of one’s moral values when they take a tragic story, plaster it all over the internet and someone is trying to seek profit from such a great loss.

We’re talking about the “Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting”. On March 10, 2014 breaking headlines can be found on Facebook “trending”, Today, CNN even in status updates like this one, “I'll be on the TODAY show this morning, talking about my New Yorker piece, an interview with Adam Lanza's father” by Andrew Solomon.

News is News, RIGHT! Everyone wants a piece of the hottest story trending and if it boosts traffic, likes, shares, comments from viewing audience that’s a MAJOR PLUS!

Nevertheless, we need to ask ourselves where one draws the line. When is it “NOT OKAY” to grab up a story and try to boost ratings. Is it when Today released this quote, from Adam Lanza’s fathers stating, “I wish he had never been born” and called that statement not a natural thing.

How about when these headlines ran when the Connecticut State’s attorney issued a report, in December, CNN announced, “Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza took motive to his grave.” or a Times headline ran “Chilling look at Newtown killer, but no ‘why’.” –source Andrew Solomon, The New Yorker, article which has received 8.3 k Facebook shares and 332 Twitter posts.

You be the judge. Just how far is too far when it comes to marketing ploys?
a. If it drives traffic, there’s nothing I wouldn’t cover.
b. There’s a limit and media needs to respect certain issues, this being one of them.