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Content is vital to good marketing

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Allan Star of Marketing Partners AZ ( writes in a recent blog about how effective marketing content should push a customer’s hot buttons, not please the in-house folks. The fact is, Starr points out, good content will be recognized and will result in a better business.

“So few in a position to influence the marketing communication for their own firm seem to recognize the value of really good content enough to procure it from a professional content developer,” Starr writes. “Many are simply unable to make the transfer from what makes them respond to the power of marketing messages that would likely make their prospects respond to their own selling oriented communication.” After all marketing is most effective when it gets someone to buy!

Starr does not have a high opinion of a lot of marketing content out there today. “A lot of marketing material does not have enough impact to make people curious or create enough purchasing interest,” he says.

Starr says it is too bad this happens because there are good content producers who do not get the opportunity to help prospective clients and prospects are missing out on sales that could be theirs and which they deserve. Starr says in all his years in business, 44 to be exact, his prospective clients fall into one of two categories. When business is good they don’t feel they need content creation and when business is not so good they think they can’t afford it. He urges business owners to contact a good content professional and look into the difference effective content can make.



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