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Content Is The New SEO

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There is a lot of discussion in the field of online marketing as far as SEO (search engine optimization) and what can be done at this point in order to increase rankings for websites. Over the course of the past two years, Google has made a few specific algorithm changes that destroyed the practice of SEO as an automated process, and caused many SEO companies to go out of business as they could no longer produce results as promised. This employment of outdated techniques that no longer worked within the modern state of Google brought about the discussion of SEO being dead as an industry, however the fact remains that certain websites rank higher than other websites for specific keywords. When SEO is viewed by it's pure definition, the manipulation of information on a website in order to achieve higher rankings, then we must realize that SEO is not actually dead, it just has a different technique associated with it's workload at this point.

In the past, the practice of SEO involved the same things that it does today, only the approach to accomplishing the goals was different. SEO is the practice of building upon the elements that are understood by Google as being positive, and minimizing the elements that are viewed by Google as negative. Creating content for placement on the website itself allows Google to recognize the topics that are specialized within the site, and creating content for placement in spaces outside of the website allows for inbound link building with specific topics in mind. Both of these aspects of SEO are hinged on the creation of content, and reliant upon it in order to be viewed as legitimate by Google, the difference being that in the past SEO companies employed a more automated strategy of software mechanisms posting links to websites or content spinning in order to create volumes of content or volumes of links without human interaction. The crucial change that Google made placed more emphasis on quality and less on volume, and therefore destroyed the aspects of SEO that are automated. This shift in the things that Google was looking for made the practice of SEO become more of an ongoing content creation and distribution strategy, the higher ranking websites being the ones that employed this type of action.

Businesses need rankings in order to benefit from search engines as a means of gaining new customers. In the modern landscape, you need to prove through the content on your website or linking to your website that you are the authority of information, and are the best in your field with regards to the information associated with your business. As an example, in the past a plumber in Las Vegas would concentrate on building many links that say "plumber in Las Vegas" as the anchor text. Today that will no longer produce high rank positions so the plumber must prove to Google that they are the best in their field by creating the most relevant and engaging content related to plumbing and the city of Las Vegas, positioning that content on their site or around links that point back to their site. This difference in the way SEO is practiced is what is making certain websites rank higher than others at this point.

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