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Content and the customer

Looking at information via a mobile device
Looking at information via a mobile device
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Content marketing involves all forms of content that add value to customers. It happens both online and offline. What is becoming increasingly important, in the mind of the customer, is the quality of the content as well as the various ways to access it.

Statistics show 90% of customers find custom content useful. 68% say they read content from brands they like. Brands that have blogs generate 67% more sales leads each month.

Content marketing is essentially the art of communicating with your customers by delivering information that makes your customer more aware and educates them on your business and or brands. The idea of a content strategy is if there is a focus on delivering consistent, ongoing valuable information to customers, then the business will develop new customer relationships, enthusiasts and loyalty.

Forbes writes, “Content is an important piece in all of our marketing efforts…extending our messaging through content is a great way for us to continue to convert our customers from simply seeing a message to considering our brand,” explained Walter Frye, Director of Entertainment Marketing & Sponsorships at American Express.

"If you have started a business, then you’ve already made a statement that you have something to say that isn’t already being said. Content marketing makes a lot of sense for you. By taking a bold stance in the marketplace of ideas, you’ll begin to establish yourself as the “expert", explains Mark Evans on

The following are some insights for grabbing the interest of your customer through content:

  1. Research topics of interest to your customers online.
  2. Utilize Google News to see what is trending that is relevant to your business and product, with regard to the customer.
  3. See what type of news is happening in your industry marketplace, that may be noteworthy to the customer.
  4. Be active within the community your business resides. This will lead to events or happenings that connect with your brand and the customer.
  5. Customer reviews are always a good source for sharing.
  6. Look into your multi-channel platforms and see what customers are saying.

Creating distinctive content that is custom with your business niche and for maintaining the interest of your customer will likely achieve a positive outcome. Focusing on the quality of your content will help to ensure that you are able to maintain your online presence and have influence on your ability to keep current customers engaged and with reaching out to new ones.

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