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Contemporary Istanbul's cocktail reception: An evening of intriguing art

Recently, Mr. Ali Güreli, Chairman of Contemporary Istanbul, hosted a cocktail reception in honor of Armory Week at C24 Gallery in Chelsea. The reception also celebrated İrfan Önürmen’s solo exhibition that is on display at the gallery through April 26. Guests enjoyed red and white wines, as they viewed the artwork. This exhibition consists of tulle portraits that are meant to symbolize how mass media treats current events. The portraits are blurred and multi-layered, just as the Internet, TV, and newspapers can be viewed as portraying events around the world. Faces in his portraits are expressionless, as if they are caught in a virtual reality and are staring at someone or something that they don’t quite understand.

At the event
Lesley Reider

The exhibit is strikingly remarkable with its use of color, contours of light and darkness, and tulle for perceptive depth. It even showcases 18 tulle portraits that were created through extracting images from Instagram. The images are displayed in mosaic-type styles with multiple layers, embodying the complexity and disarray in our contemporary society. İrfan Önürmen’s exhibit truly reveals an impressive way of expressing what we see on screen through captivatingly artistic panels.

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