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Contemplate the tortoise and the hare

Snipped from Bugs Bunny and the Tortoise via YouTube
Snipped from Bugs Bunny and the Tortoise via YouTube
Snipped from Bugs Bunny and the Tortoise via YouTube

Wednesday, August 27, 2014: A Void-of-course Virgo Moon holds sway until late afternoon (5:54 pm EDT). This gives you plenty of time to catch up on routine work and process the activities of the last two days.

What has the past couple of days been like for you? Did you answer the challenge to persevere, discipline yourself and apply your energy in a very practical and organized way, being cautious of details and thinking ahead? Did you refuse to budge and lose the opportunity to show what you were capable off? Did you busy yourself with meaningless distractions? Did you become frustrated? or... Did you trust the process, stay motivated and put your talents to work?

With little on the today's agenda you'll have plenty of time to think about your answers to these questions, as you contemplate the story of tortoise and the hare.

Everyone knows the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare" and it's usually believed that the great moral of the story is that “slow and steady wins the race.” But there are two morals to this story. First there's the moral taught by the tortoise... the one we've all heard... but there's also the moral taught by the hare.

The hare knows he’s faster than the tortoise... in a flat out run, the hare will beat the tortoise every time. But the hare makes a huge mistake, he believes in his ability without actually proving it.

Like the hare, you may have a great skill... a skill that everyone acknowledges... you might also, like the hare, be so confident in your skill that your attitude becomes lackadaisical. But acting the part and talking a good game without putting your skill to work won't win the race and can result in embarrassing failure.

The moral of the tortoise, “slow and steady wins the race” sometimes hides the moral of the hare, "that success depends on using your talents, not just having them".

Today's Quote

The hare laughed at the tortoise's feet but the tortoise declared, 'I will beat you in a race!' The hare replied, 'Those are just words. Race with me, and you'll see! Who will mark out the track and serve as our umpire?' 'The fox,' replied the tortoise, 'since she is honest and highly intelligent.' When the time for the race had been decided upon, the tortoise did not delay, but immediately took off down the race course. The hare, however, lay down to take a nap, confident in the speed of his feet. Then, when the hare eventually made his way to the finish line, he found that the tortoise had already won.

The story shows that many people have good natural abilities which are ruined by idleness; on the other hand, sobriety, zeal and perseverance can prevail over indolence.

Aesop's Fables. A new translation by Laura Gibbs

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