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Container gardens

Gardening using containers offers abundant indoor and outdoor gardening choices for every gardener. Container gardens can change the entire appearance of any size space. They create focal points in a garden, inside the home, on a rooftop, in a patio or on a balcony.

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Container gardens are great for busy people. The minimum maintenance they require can be handled at the gardener’s convenience. Gardeners can easily inspect a plant’s health, control the soil mixture and monitor nutrient solutions.

Almost any plant can be grown in a container. Foliage, flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit and trees can be potted and can thrive in container gardens. Rare plants can receive the careful attention they require when grown in a container.

Almost anything can be adapted to serve as a planter. Clothing, foot wear, musical instruments, baskets, sponges, boxes, pottery, bathtubs—all of these can be used to create a container garden. The only requirement is that drainage be provided so the plants don’t become waterlogged.

Potting soil can be purchased already mixed, or you can purchase the ingredients to blend your own. It’s probably simpler and less expensive to buy the ready-mix varieties. Make sure you purchase the correct soil mix for the plants in your container garden. Cactus gardens need special cactus-mix soil as do many tropical plants. Using soil from your garden isn’t recommended because potted plants require a lighter soil.

After you choose your container and make sure it has adequate drainage, fill it with soil and plant your garden. It’s not necessary to add stones or pottery shards to the bottom of the planter because they may actually block drainage.

Container gardening provides gardeners with opportunities to have custom gardens inside and outside their homes.

Live long and well—garden.

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