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Container garden in a small yard

Container Garden
Container Garden
Nancy Bergantzel

As many people realize in Colorado, the soil and the yard sizes may not be ideal for a garden. The best option is a container garden. You get the benefit of fresh fruits and veggies, the joy of growing them, and cute containers to grow them in.

In planting a container garden, it is best to buy containers suited for the plants you are growing. Lowe's offers a great assortment of reasonably priced containers. In Castle Rock, the employees at Lowe's are also very knowledgeable and helpful in finding exactly what you need.

Lowe's carries a wide variety of ready to plant vegetables and fruits or also seeds as an option. 

Make gardening a family affair by getting your young ones excited about picking out what fruits and vegetables they would like to eat, or what looks interesting to plant. Don't let the fun stop there, involve them in the planting and caring of the plants. 

Remind them that the plants need watering on a regular basis as well. And enjoy the delight in their faces when they actually see the plants start to grow and produce a crop.

Then at harvest time, your young ones can help pick the goods and prepare them for a meal. Getting them involved in eating right can go a long way when they are a part of it.

You can grow all kinds of plants in containers, just follow the directions for light, water and spacing that comes with the plant. Additionally get trellises or cages for plants like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries or other plants that need a little support. 


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