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Consuming vinegar at bedtime can reduce blood sugar in diabetics

Consuming vinegar at bedtime can reduce blood sugar in diabetics

According to the Managing Diabetes newsletter, consuming apple cider vinegar at bedtime may have a positive effect on the waking blood sugar of those with type 2 diabetes.

Arizona State University researchers in Tempe, Arizona discovered that participants who followed a standardized meal plan for two days during which they consumed two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and an ounce of cheese before bedtime had positive results with blood sugar level reduced by at least six percent.

If you are a diabetic, you may want to consider consuming vinegar at bedtime and using it in your salad dressing every chance you get.

Pre-diabetics may benefit the most from consuming apple cider vinegar.

Adee Rasabi, senior dietitian of the Ambulatory Care Network at NewYork Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City believes there's no harm including more vinegar in your diet. Rasabi says, "Vinegar offers flavor without the calories. It can be very good for weight control when used in a salad dressing, provided that you don't overdo it on the oil."

Some people prefer balsamic vinegar because it has a more mellow taste than apple cider vinegar.

Others prefer white wine vinegar because it's less astringent than cider vinegar, and it's very smooth. Keep in mind, though that white wine vinegar is different from plain white vinegar.

Whether you choose balsamic, white wine, or apple cider vinegar, you can use any of these as a dip for bread, the way you would use olive oil. Simply dip or rub your bread into the vinegar.

Don't hide your vinegar in a cabinet where it is forgotten. Put vinegar on the table just as you would any other condiment. It's flavorful and has great benefits when consumed.

Change your method of making homemade salad dressings. Most dressings have two-thirds oil to one-third vinegar. Make a healthier version by reversing these ingredients by using two-thirds vinegar to one-third olive oil.

Try consuming vinegar for couple of days on salads and other foods. Also try taking two tablespoons of vinegar at night and see what a difference it will make in your blood sugar level.

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