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Consuming caffeine might help lower chances of suicide by over 50 percent

Coffee migt make you happy
Coffee migt make you happy

Feeling down? It seems like coffee might be just the answer to help beat your blues.

According to new research researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, a couple cups of joe can help lower the risks of suicide by over 50%. While coffee stimulates the body by adding all that caffeine, it also stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of neurotransmitters in the brain. This, in turn, increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin which would have an effect on a person's depression, maybe leading to less suicides.

The authors of this study reviewed data from three large U.S. studies and found that the risk of suicide for adults who drank two to four cups of caffeinated coffee per day was about half that of those who drank decaffeinated coffee or very little or no coffee. While the study group might have also had other sources of caffeine, the main variable they had researched drank between two to four cups of coffee a day, compared to the other group which either had no or decaffeinated coffees.

“Unlike previous investigations, we were able to assess association of consumption of caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, and we identify caffeine as the most likely candidate of any putative protective effect of coffee,” lead researcher Michel Lucas, research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at HSPH, said.