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Consumers give radio and television and collective shrug



A new Gallup poll shows the radio and television industries have a positive if not passionate perception amongst consumers. The poll asked randomly selected people to give their overall view of 24 different American industries with ratings ranging from very or somewhat positive to very or somewhat negative. Radio and television managed to hold onto a positive overall rating but just barely.

Tied for 15th overall, Gallup’s David W. Moore says the rating suggests, “The public is ambivalent about the industry.” Other industries receiving similar ratings include the airlines, advertising and public relations, sports, telephone and pharmaceuticals.

The highest overall ratings went to the computer and restaurant industries followed closely by the farming and agriculture, grocery and travel sectors. Leading the list of industries receiving negative overall rankings is oil and gas followed by the legal world and the movies.

For an entertainment medium, passion equates to success. This study only echoes the problems traditional mediums like radio and television are having in the face of new entertainment options for consumers. Hopefully radio and television will rise to the challenge and find new ways to galvanize consumers to do more than just shrug.