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Consumers add Technologies offering Solutions

Many of us have heard about the connected car; its ability to stream music from our mobile devices; provide danger alerts; and navigate us away from traffic jams, to name a few; ( But have you seen the motorcycle that’s a car? ‘It’s called, ‘C1;’ goes 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in <6 seconds, has a range of 200 miles (320 km) per charge, and can include a passenger. ( Then perhaps, one might also appreciate the LG G Flex, a curved smartphone, (; or the OhMiBod iOS Controlled Vibrator (, making their splash, at 2014 CES. Yet, clearly capturing much of the headlines were the wearables, inclusive of smartwatches and those centered on today’s trends of fitness ( There was even a real-time baby monitor, MIMO (

If it Solves, it can Sell
If it Solves, it can Sell
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Is it a Car or a Motorcycle?
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While this is all wonderful stuff, innovation can have two sides; reminding us was a recent series of CSPAN programs, covering cybersecurity issues:; and internet privacy issues:

Nonetheless, our desires, as purchasers, are yielding a lot of the products listed below:

  1. From the introduction of OnStar 4G LTE and Chevrolet AppShop to …, there's a lot to look forward to this year from GM, according to;
  3. Sennheiser unveils two new high-end PC gaming headsets – G4ME™ ZERO and G4ME™ ONE;
  4. LensPen a revolution on cleaning fingerprints on high quality camera lenses; (
  5. iLuv Creative Technology, introduced its newest addition of speakers, the SyrenPro™;
  6. The Parrot Minidrone:;
  7. The world's first universal magnetic connector by Nano Magnetics;;
  8. New cases for the iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4;;
  9. New products: Portable Headphone Amplifier, & Hybrid Int. Amp. & Preamp w. Bluetooth/USB DAC;;
  10. Ortery Technologies, Inc. - 3D MFP Office Photography Machine.
  11. QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment - navigation and speech recognition technologies in cars.
  12. Portable audio device having a headphone and a boombox, with speakers on the inside and the outside.;
  13. The first and only cell phone charger that sanitizes your phone;
  14. Absolute Technology’s latest product LINKASE PRO;;
  15. Xi3 Corporation featuring Xi3® Modular™ Computers and PISTON™ Console gaming;
  16. OnScreen Cloud Technology by Bimand;
  17. The turns a party-starting karaoke machine;
  18. Eye Control Systems and Automated Valet Parking,;
  19. Luci® Aura, MPOWERD’s Color Changing Solar Lantern;;
  20. Amped Wireless launches PCI20E High Power AC1200 Wi-Fi PCI-E Adapter;;
  21. LYNKtec Launches TruGlide Apex Fine Point Electronic Stylus;;
  22. Keep Your Phone Charged All Day with Duracell Powermat;;
  24. The CITE 2014 Largest Asian Consumer Electronics and IT Show;
  25. Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M6G eSATA Array;;
  26. The fifth-annual Smart Energy Summit, hosted by international research firm Parks Associates, will take place February 17-19, 2014, at the Four Seasons in Austin, TX.
  27. NetRange, in an ‘APP’ deal with Legends Football League Global (LFL Global); the app, created and distributed for the League, will be available in 95 countries upon release.;
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