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Consumer Technology Abounds: A Recap of CES 2014

It was an interesting journey that started with a private plane ride (courtesy of the nice people at local San Francisco startup from Silicon Valley to the Vegas Strip. Once in Vegas I couldn’t help but notice the excitement that surrounded this conference. The city was abuzz with the talk of new, futuristic tech toys that everybody was just dying to see.

Once I arrived at the conference I was shocked at the overwhelming number of products on display and the breadth of conversations I was able to have with people from across nearly every tech-related niche. I encountered everything from a vertical jump-measuring device to a number of smart watch manufacturers and even company who has designed a wearable camera for your dog. Yes, you read that right—a camera for your dog.

Beyond seeing and testing out a lot of the products themselves, I was also able to talk to a number of people about the state of consumer technology and the certain challenges that face it. One of the more interesting conversations I had was about the challenge with privacy and wearable technology—two things that seem inherently at odds with each other but are routinely clashing with the popularizing of products such as Google Glass.

Given the wide array of products and rapidly increasing consumer electronics industry, CES was quite an experience and I’m glad I was able to experience it firsthand. If you are a member of the tech community, or just an fan of consumer electronics in general, I highly recommend taking a trip to CES next year to see all of the impressive, and sometimes odd new technologies that lie ahead.

If you’re interested in watching the various product reviews, demos, and interviews that I did at CES, make sure to check them out in this YouTube playlist.

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