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Consumer preference for mobile payments increasing

Consumer preference for mobile payments increasing
Consumer preference for mobile payments increasing

Customer engagement analytics firm Symphony EYC recently published the results of a fascinating new food-centric survey.

The findings indicate that consumers across multiple continents are embracing mobile payments with open arms at the grocery store - assuming the technology is there to greet them in the first place.

Although just a small segment of American and European consumers are presently using mobile payments to buy groceries, all the evidence points to extensive consumer comfort with mobile payments technology.

“While American and European grocery shoppers differ in how they are interacting with their grocers, the majority would like to enhance their in-store shopping experience with mobile services,” explains Ellen Dixon, Global SVP of Marketing for Symphony EYC. “In particular, shoppers want to be able to use their mobile devices to locate specific products within the store, to compare prices with those elsewhere and to provide feedback and suggestions on grocery assortments.”

It comes as no surprise, however, that the relationship between food and mobile is growing stronger with every passing year. In the US, online and mobile orders at Domino's and Papa John's pizza chains are now 30 percent of each chain's overall business.

Restaurants are similarly racing to adopt leading mobile payment services like PayAnywhere, a top solutions provider in retail and, increasingly, the restaurant and food delivery industries.