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Consumer behavior- Part I

Technology has evolved in such a dramatic way that consumers have more purchasing power and influence on the way that products and services are marketed. While there will never be a way to totally eliminate risks when purchasing products, the help that consumers can receive from past customers is extremely useful. Culture has an extremely huge impact on consumer behavior.

In some areas within the U.S. there is a higher demand for certain products and services based on a particular culture’s wants and needs. Consumers make decisions on purchasing products for many different reasons inside of their perception of a product and their motivation to purchase it.

Inside of any company there is a product life cycle that consumers also take a part in through the diffusion of innovation. Overall consumer behavior is a unique aspect of marketing that every company can benefit from if used correctly.

There are more companies that are becoming aware of the importance of catering their products and services to not only other demographics but cultures as well. As companies tweak their approaches to marketing across the world they have to keep in mind that the American cultures they are used to dealing with are not the same in other countries.

(Mariana, 2009) said purchase decision process is identical for all countries, different final decision to purchase, because the influences caused by socio-economic or cultural. Cultural environment is the composition showing the highest rigidity factor change action, therefore, usually followed by guided conduct business in foreign markets is the attempt to adapt and respect the cultural values of each country.

Having a viable marketing strategy for every culture helps a company stay relevant and progressive.

Since fades do exist, the company has to change the perception of consumers regarding their products. They need to have such a large impact on consumers through their advertising efforts that even those that don’t see any of their advertising efforts will still be prone to peak their interest.

In addition some consumers will naturally be motivated by the influences of others so it will be important that the company continues to promote a positive image to the public just in case a consumers becomes interested in what they have to offer.
When consumers perceive that a product or service will meet a certain need or desire their hope pure but not always secure.

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