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Consultant FBI alert: Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II apprehended after manhunt

A consultant FBI alert has led to the arrest of San Francisco media consultant Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II. The arrest comes after a three-day manhunt. NBC News shared the details on Tuesday.

Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II, the consultant wanted by the FBI, has been apprehended
Screencap via HuffPost video

The consultant was wanted by the FBI after explosives were found in his apartment. In addition, initially there had been reports that a deadly chemical had been found there too. Chamberlain, 42, was initially considered “armed and dangerous,” but after a tweet from his account and a suicide note surfaced, it seemed he was no longer considered a public threat.

The tweet on his account claimed that “nothing they're reporting is true,” while a note titled “Goodbye” appeared on his iCloud account, seemingly scheduled by Hootsuite. The note referenced his “religious addict” mother and his depression. It also noted that he felt “left out” of being recognized for his part in helping Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom win his mayoral seat in 2003 in San Francisco.

FBI spokesman Peter Lee confirmed that explosives were found at Chamberlain's home. However, he said that authorities did not find ricin, biological threats or other chemical threats. The consultant wanted by the FBI was seen at the Mad Dog in the Fog bar Monday and someone who recognized him via the consultant FBI alert called 911.

Reuters via Yahoo! News notes that the manhunt came after a raid on Chamberlain's apartment over the weekend. His farewell note was three pages long, and indicated that “So much was broken from this past year-and-a-half.” He added, “I guess it was just insurmountable, and the time's up.” Mail Online shares photos from the arrest, along with additional details from Chamberlain's note.

Many who know Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II are dumbfounded by the accusations against him. Some have noted that things seemed to change for him after a job loss last November. Authorities have not shared specifics about what led to the investigation or what exactly they found at the apartment. The consultant wanted by the FBI has no criminal history, and at this point the search warrant and affidavit related to the case are sealed.

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