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Consul General Rolle advises Bahamians in Georgia to remain home during storm

Bahamas Consul General Randy Rolle (left) and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (right)
Bahamas Consul General Randy Rolle (left) and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (right)
Bahamas Consul General's Office and Governor Nathan Deal

(Atlanta, Georgia)… The Bahamas Consulate General’s Office of Atlanta remained closed as Consul General Randy E. Rolle reminded Bahamians in the area to heed precaution in the wake of Winter Storm Leon which has crippled the city. The Georgia State Patrol reported over 1,000 traffic accidents, nearly 200 injuries, 1 fatality, 1 roadside birth and hundreds stranded for over 24 hours.
Consul General Randy E. Rolle confirmed that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal had issued a state of emergency but noted that so far, no Bahamians had reported being in direct danger.He said that he spoke with one Bahamian who was stranded for over 27 hours while she attempted to get home.
Said Rolle: “The state of Georgia is not adequately prepared for such a snowstorm and as a result, today’s traffic was in a gridlock. There were children on school buses as late as 9p.m. trying to get home and people stuck at work. Also, there are students who have to spend the night at school because their parents are unable to get to them because of impassable roads. Home Depot is one retailer opening its doors to allow stranded persons to spend the night. If you know someone in need of assistance, we ask you to please let them know to check the list we’ve compiled.”
“I am advising Bahamians in the area to please remain home for their safety until the order is lifted,” he further stated. “I am asking parents with children to please keep them home tomorrow and I’m also asking motorists who absolutely must go on the street to be extremely careful and be on the lookout for black ice and other drivers.”
“Due to the State of Emergency issued by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal pertaining to the snowstorm, we wish to advise Bahamians and others in and around the City of Atlanta to please remain at home for their safety. At present no Bahamians within our jurisdiction have reported being in perilous situations. Also, all of our elementary, middle, high school and college students are said to be safe and are not among those students who are still stranded or over-nighting at their schools. If you are aware of anyone who is still stranded, kindly direct them to the nearest Home Depot as the stores are allowing people temporary shelter.”
On Tuesday, Governor Nathan Deal addressed the situation, saying: “Unfortunately, traffic is delaying the ability of crews to treat highways all across the state. I know many people are trying desperately to pick up their children or simply to get home, and I hope they can get to safe, warm stopping point soon. Once at your destination, if at all possible, please stay off the roads until conditions improve.”
The Governor added: “State DOT crews will work around the clock to get roads clear; in addition, the National Guard, the Department of Public Safety and GEMA will work to get the state back to normal as quickly as possible.”
Those needing to get in touch with the Atlanta Consulate General’s Office of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas may do so through their Facebook page at or by emailing

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