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Construction-themed park Diggerland is coming to New Jersey


A new construction-themed park Diggerland is coming to New Jersey. This looks like a great travel place to take your kids if you have young boys. On Friday, News Max shared about this new park and what it will be like and what all they offer. It looks like a great place to go.

This will open next month. It has rides that are based on construction equipment but it also offers a chance to run some of this machinery. Even grown men still have dreams of getting to run their favorite equipment and be the one in charge of it. This is a way to make this fantasy come true.

Similar parks are also open in the United Kingdom already. This is the first one in the United States and it should attract a lot of people. It looks like a fun way to spend your vacation and everyone should enjoy checking out the new Diggerland. Ilya Girlya and his family are the ones opening this park. They already own a water park that is located nearby called Sahara Sam's.