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Construction Jobs In Northern IL

Slow Traffic in Construction Areas
Slow Traffic in Construction Areas
Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

In the areas north of Chicago, IL to Rockford, the traffic is slow. The speed limit is about 45 miles an hour. It takes about twice as long to get to Rockford, IL. It is easy to get caught speeding, due to slow traffic. However, come winter the results will be noticed when driving to Chicago, or to the O*Hare Airport. There roadblocks and one way traffic. Plan to take about twice as long to reach your destination.

If you are a Union Member you can easily get a position on the construction workers crews. The pay is good, and the hours are long during the hot summer months. The benefits are good and you will probably only work during the summer and early fall season. You may have to start out as a common labor worker and advance to a full time Union Member.

The construction field is needing people to work to repair the roads, especially the freeways. When you drive on them you can see the workers doing all kinds of work. There are construction companies that need workers right away. If you are not a registered Union member, you may have to work on a more unskilled job.

This fall you can apply at the RVC College to see what classes are available to get ready for next spring. Most of the Construction crews do not work in the winter. The machinery is too costly to operate, and the temperatures are not good to work in the cold weather.

Some schools have vocational classes that offer vocational class jobs, and how to perform them. If you are looking for a job check out all of the opportunities that are available. RVC also has a job placement service that you can apply and they will help you get an entry level position.