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Constitutionalists rally at the Capitol in Tallahassee

Rally in Tally
Rally in Tally
TCC Staff

Constitutionalists rally at the Capitol
Second Amendment primary focus

Rally at Tally
TCC Staff

Florida Citizen’s Alliance’s rally “Rally in Tally”

“Success is measured in many ways. Our objective was to keep the “Ball in play and moving forward”. And we certainly did! Due to global warming, or NOT, because of the resulting cold weather, the Capitol Authorities moved our event inside. This was hugely appreciated by all. We had over 150 attendees, strongly committed to protecting our 2nd Amendment in every way possible, including State Sovereignty,” Florida Citizen’s Alliance event organizer, Keith Flaugh reported. The rally was held in a conference room on the 22nd floor of Florida’s Capital building. There were 11 speakers, all speaking from varying positions but all united in supporting the Second Amendment Preservation Act, the Second Amendment rights and State Sovereignty as expressed in the ninth and 10th amendments.

The ‘Alliance’ made a united front in their ‘war’ to strengthen the Second Amendment in Florida against the anti-gun zealots at the Capital. The speakers are pictured above: Top row, left to right: Bill Wohlsifer, candidate for Attorney General of Florida, Billy Vaughn, father of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn (SEAL Team VI), Florida Citizen’s Alliance event organizer, Keith Flaugh, Key Note Speaker, Sheriff Mack, Karen Schoen, Founder of AgEnders who is also running for FL. State Rep. Dist. 5, and ‘Patrick Henry who is also known as Harry McKay. Center left; Mike Austell, Florida State Chapter President of Oath Keepers, and to the right, Lance Thate, Chairman of the Saint Augustine Tea Party and Publisher of The Town Crier Committee Report. Third Row; Bruce Smith, Appleseed Project, next, Pam Dahl, Pres./Founder Tri-County Tea Party ,Florida, Center, Randy Osborne, Dir. Of Education-Heartland Research/Florida Eagle Forum, then Pastor Chris Hall, husband of KrisAnne Hall, and last but not least, Rep. Matt Caldwell who said, ”We’re trying to come to a place of not just filing a bill, but passing a bill and finding the majority support in moving it forward”.

“The only two downsides were Senator Greg Evers, who just didn’t show and didn’t offer a reason and Governor Scott, who was unable to talk to us briefly when we stopped into his office. We were not able to schedule an official meeting ahead of this event, but we did alert his staff and hoped he would take 5 minutes to affirm his personal commitment to the Second Amendment and State Sovereignty under our Constitution.” Mr. Flaugh continued. “All in all, it exceeded most of our expectations,” he concluded.

Commenting on Governor Scott’s failure to address the constitutional patriots who assembled at the capital, David Heimbold, SATP media chairman said, “It has been apparent for over a year, that Gov. Scott has shifted alliance from being the Tea Party Gov, to the progressive Republican leadership values of bloated, huge and just plain big government of Karl Rove and Company.[See Examiner April 3, 2013 Gov. Scott to Flagler college] It appears that having the progressive Republican’s leadership endorsement is more important than principled constitutional governance. It is hard to imagine that the Tea Party Movement and the corrupted Republican Party ever had anything in common.”

Rally participants seek out their Representatives and Senators

The second phase of this event was for those attending to visit the Governor’s office and their individual Representative and Senator’s offices. It had been anticipated that this would be the second day of the new legislative process. But for some reason, after the “Rally in Tally” event was scheduled, lawmakers decided to delay their activities. As a result, the public areas of the Capitol building were nearly empty, with staffers securely behind office doors. Missing, were the busy halls, the media and the public mulling around the rotunda. In fact it appeared to this reporter that the only people in the building where the constitutional participants of the Florida Citizen’s Alliance.

The elusive Senator Greg Evers

The failure of the legislators to be in their offices, caused an already angered electorate to have to deal with their staff. It was reported that a sizable group of people went to Senator Greg Ever’s office to question his failure to appear at a rally as planned. The staff failed to provide any reason for the Senator’s unexpected no-show. Senator Evers had agreed to speak at the rally and was on the agenda as a speaker.
The following day a woman known for her temperate tone confronted the evasive Senator Evers and received no explanation for his failure to meet his commitment to the Florida Citizen’s Alliance rally. She reduced the Senator’s comments to, “What Bull S___!” This kind of arrogance on the part of our elected officials is alienating Americans to an unprecedented level. “It explains the call that is frequently heard demanding removal of all of them. This is no longer a Republican, Democratic thing,” a Tea Party person said. According to “Florida Citizen’s Alliance”, Florida Representative Dane Eagle has committed to file the 2nd Amendment Preservation bill in the House, consistent with the content provided him in Sept., and representative, Matt Caldwell, who was present at the rally, expressed his continuing support. Those present were urged to contact Senator Evers. The following link was provided.

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