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Constitution tattoo: History buffs upset at mistaken tattoo on 'Rolling Stone'

Was this mistake done on purpose?
Was this mistake done on purpose?
Rolling Stone

A Constitution tattoo is something that would take a lot of courage to get, and that's due to it taking so long and a lot of pain coming from it. There would be even more courage needed to get a Constitution tattoo because you'd need to make sure it all comes through correct. UPI reported on April 10, 2014, that Julia Louis-Dreyfus may not have had a real Constitution tattoo, but that didn't stop "Rolling Stone" from messing it up.

The temporary tattoo on the actress' back takes up all of it, and it is quite impressive, but there is one big mistake. If you can draw your eyes away from that fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is nude, you can see that that Constitution tattoo has the autograph of John Hancock at the very bottom.

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The problem with that is that Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

Yes, the star of "VEEP" has a messed up Constitution tattoo, and she can be very grateful that it isn't real. Louis-Dreyfus jokingly blamed Mike McClintock, a fictional character played by Matt Walsh on the show. He's the communications director to Vice President Selina Meyer, played by Louis-Drefyfus.

"Yet another Mike (expletive)," the 53-year-old actress posted Wednesday on Twitter. "Dummy."

While she may have been able to joke off the Constitution tattoo flub; many others were not so gracious. A number of historians have taken to social media to rip apart "Rolling Stone" over the mistake.

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia tweeted the cover alongside a pic of the Founding Fathers with the words, "Thanks for the shoutout but no Hancock here."

Melissa Bruno, spokeswoman for "Rolling Stone," said that the Declaration of Independence is on the other side of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' body, but they couldn't fit in the signatures.

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