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Constitution shmonstitution: Obama will override congress

Obama King
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Because we're all idiots and Obama is smarter than us, he has announced for the umteenth time he will work without congress if they don't do what he wants them to do and we will not ever make the connection that this is exactly how dictators roll.

Somehow he's going to raise the minimum wage and get a away with it and then move on to immigration and allow those who broke the law to forget about the whole thing and just stay here. Existing laws won't count anymore because what Obama thinks is right, is right and it ought to take precedence over self-government.

Certainly he has other ideas that no one likes and this is the reason he's working with a congress that doesn't cooperate with him. If, for instance, people thought he was every bit as wonderful as he thinks he is and what other Democrats tell him, he would have more people in congress from his own party because people would have voted his party in to implement his agenda.

That's how the system works. When ObamCare was voted into law it was and still is widely unpopular. The people voted out lawmakers who approved it and voted in those who don't and that's why they constantly try to repeal it. It's the reason why they are there. When Democrats make laws they always entail a loss of liberty in one form or another. This is the reason the constitution always gets in the way for them and that's why Obama is finding it very inconvenient, hence the "do without congress" idiot statement.

So Obama will bypass congress and Democrats seem fine with that, at least the lunatic talking heads on television. Congressional Democrats seem to be a different story. A majority of Senate Democrats want to impose sanctions on Iran the country that thinks we're a "devil" nation and would like to see us destroyed and are building a nuclear weapon to do just that. Obama and his team have come to an agreement with this bunch because he trust them and so he's calling for senators in his own party to hold off on more sanctions while he allows them to make the bomb. Is this guy the worst or what?

Midterm elections are coming up and since a third of the country is out of work and losing health insurance along with their doctor and on and on, the people will have their say again and Obama won't like it and neither will his cult followers. Oh, his wife cost us over $200,000 because she wanted to stay two weeks longer in Hawaii and make traffic miserable for the locals as she visited Oprah and Gail. Oh how I can't wait for this guy to be out of office.

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