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'Constantine': Harold Perrineau on Manny, John and more

"Constantine" is one of the most highly anticipated new series coming this fall, and the cast was at San Diego Comic-Con to preview what to expect. On Wednesday, Aug. 6, we uploaded our video interview from the press room roundtable with Harold Perrineau, who plays Manny.

Harold Perrineau in the 'Constantine' press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here. Plus, keep reading for the highlights from Perrineau about what to expect from Manny, John Constantine's morally ambiguous guardian angel, and more.

The actor couldn't say that much about what we'll see of Manny, if we'll see any interactions between Manny and Zed or even how often we'll see him. "You'll see me quite a bit, and when you see me, it's going to be kind of interesting because we're trying to push Constantine a certain way."

He did tell reporters a bit about Manny's relationship with John and explained, "Constantine has a really harsh relationship with demons and angels, and so it's not an easy relationship. It's not something that he welcomes or wants, but he's going to get it." However, just because Manny is Constantine's guardian angel, don't think you'll see anything like you have in a certain Christmas movie. "Clarence is definitely not the type of angel that Manny is. There are lots of other angels that are very similar to Manny that we've sort of looked at and based him on, but not so much 'It's A Wonderful Life.' That being said though, it won't always be so contentious. It just can't. There will be some other moments that I really enjoy."

"Here's the thing with Manny. What Manny can and can't do, we're going to keep revealing slowly," Perrineau shared. "That's sort of the fun of it. Originally, you'll see Manny and Constantine, and maybe that's all we'll see." As for Manny himself, "he's restricted in some things. He's restricted in some things that are classically religious things, but he's not restricted in other things, and he's made a choice, and that's going to be the journey. …It's going to be a fun journey."

Check out the video for more from Harold Perrineau. "Constantine" premieres Friday, Oct. 24 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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