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Conspiracy spoilers: Sorcery of agony from Vintage Masters

Houdini's "Chinese Water MURDER" act didn't go over as well as the other one.

As an all-reprint Limited product, Vintage Masters intentionally has a lot of draftable deck archetypes built into it. Marshall Sutcliffe's preview article has a list of all the ones created for two-color combinations, and the example card from black-red's suicide aggro is, well... new. As in, Conspiracy new.

Tyrant's Choice 1B

Sorcery (Common)

Will of the council - Starting with you, each player votes for death or torture. If death gets more votes, each opponent sacrifices a creature. If torture gets more votes or the vote is tied, each opponent loses 4 life.

In a two-player game, this is essentially a 4-life burn spell for 1B - certainly a four-of in certain control archetypes, like occasional eternal-format burn staple Flame Rift with no downside. Obviously, that's strong. It's less strong when you can't actually control the effect in multiplayer, but neither option is bad for two mana; in fact, they're both really good so long as everyone has a creature on the board. However, it's much more interesting when there's a substantive vote (and it seems that not only is will of the council on commons, but the flavorful names of the options are different every time - Magister of Worth's was grace or condemnation for mass reanimation versus mass destruction). This may be an unsubtle way to bring a political type of game to a Magic table, but damn if it isn't satisfying. A choice of situations that are all bad for your opponents won't make friends, but it's a very black political card in that it psychologizes infighting among players who made choices to save themselves that were bad for other people at the table, thus actually deflecting the hate from you.

What do you think of this sadistic vote spell? Let me know in the comments.

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