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Conspiracy spoilers: New teaser information from ad card

If only Wizards didn't follow through so hard with the Conspiracy theme and actually told us something...

It seems like just yesterday we knew nothing about Conspiracy, the most out-there and mysterious supplemental product ever to be published for Magic. And today, well... we still know close to nothing. Sure, we have some spoiled cards and artwork and know it's a free-for-all draft, but there are apparently some truly offbeat mechanics that no one can predict. But the Conspiracy advertisement card uploaded by Rumor Mill user Raisenbran provides some cryptic clues, as has been the modus operandi for this set's previews thus far:

Pick. Plot. Play!

--- an exciting new spin on --- drafting. Exciting new abilities like d--r--, -a---, and ---- -f t------ ---- up new ways to defeat your enemies. Uncover hidden agendas and, for the first time ever, ----- --- -------.

Of course, the fun parts are redacted, but we do know some important new things. (The first couple of blanks are probably just "experience" and "booster.") First, there are three new keywords in Conspiracy - the last one mentioned is will of the council. The partial names can be sort of pieced together crossword style; there are only so many sensible six-letter English words that start with D and have the third letter as R. The second one is harder, but at least we know it has five letters and the second is A. (The word before "up" is probably trivial - "scare up," or something to that effect.)

But the most tantalizing part of it all is the last sentence. The thing done "for the first time ever" probably has a "the" as the middle word. The final "word" is long enough that it might actually be a two-word phrase. Best guess: "Change the game format."

Finally, the "" link doesn't lead to a working webpage - yet.

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