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Conspiracy spoilers?: Multiplayer, revival-or-wrath Angel from prerelease pack

Time will tell whether this rumor is Worth anything.

Recently, Wizards of the Coast has been in the sneaky habit of hiding cards for upcoming sets in boosters of the current release. Each time someone has reported finding a mystery card in an otherwise-innocent booster pack, it has turned out to be a genuine hidden preview. Yet what one local game store owner is reporting - that a truly out-of-place card, a white and black Angel with a mechanic that's only appropriate for multiplayer games, just happened to be among the prerelease goodies for Born of the Gods, is unprecedented.

If we are to take it at face value, this means that someone at Wizards of the Coast slipped in a preview card for the upcoming supplemental product, which we believe to be called Conspiracy, in the materials for the Born of the Gods prerelease. The find looks like this:

Magister of Worth 4WB

Creature - Angel (Rare)


Will of the council - When Magister of Worth enters the battlefield, starting with you, each player votes for grace or condemnation. If grace gets more votes, each player returns each creature card from his or her graveyard to the battlefield. If condemnation gets more votes or the vote is tied, destroy all creatures other than Magister of Worth.


On the surface, nothing indicates this card is anything but real. The templating is spot-on, the copyright line is correct, there is even a new piece of artwork from rk post. Yet, since we haven't even had an official announcement for Conspiracy yet, much less any information about how the format works, we can't judge the mechanical legitimacy of the card. The vote mechanic, however, puts one in mind of the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG.

If it is indeed true, this looks like a strong and appropriately terrifying and majestic card in multiplayer, and in eternal formats it has the neat trick of being able to be used as a mass destruction effect that comes attached to a 4/4 flyer all of the time since you vote first and a single opponent will only be able to vote along with you or tie. The will of the council keyword looks rather like tempting offer from Commander 2013, only with a binary choice instead of everyone choosing whether to give into temptation, and much more dramatic variance between its possible effects.

What do you think of this scary, democratic Angel? Let me know in the comments.

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