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Conspiracy spoilers: More of Dack's planeswalker card spoiled

Looks like he's about to steal... our hearts.

A few days ago, a cryptic hint at a planeswalker card for the dashing "treasure hunter" and protagonist of the current Magic comics, Dack Fayden, was uncovered by Tumblr's resident Magic rumor community. Now, it seems, that image was part of a slow-rolling spoil for what's sure to be a very cool long-awaited planeswalker finally getting his due in a supplemental product. now has a mockup of the left half of Dack's text, discovered as part of a code-cracking alternate reality game involving the Elavals Twitter account and classic video game cheats to unveil this Dack artwork. It all may go much deeper than this, to use a conspiratorial cliche, but this is what we have on Dack thus far:

Dack Fayden 1UR

Planeswalker - Dack (Mythic)

+1: Target player dra... ...two cards.

-2: Gain control of...

-6: You get an emble... ...a spell that targe...


Based on Dack's colors, his character, and basic rules of Magic grammar, we can postulate with some certainty his first two abilities.

+1: Target player draws two cards, then discards two cards.

-2: Gain control of target artifact. (Until end of turn?)

-6: You get an emblem with "Whenever you cast a spell that targets..."

The emblem ability appears much trickier. Possibilities include these:

"Whenever you cast a spell that targets a permanent, you gain control of that permanent."

"Whenever you cast a spell that targets a single target, you may copy the spell and choose new targets for the copy."

"Whenever you cast a spell that targets a creature or player, Dack deals 3 damage to that creature or player and you draw a card."

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