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Conspiracy speculation: How does the format work?

Who's in on it? Everyone, or just one player?
Who's in on it? Everyone, or just one player?

Since this year's summer supplemental product is confirmed to be Conspiracy, and that set (based on a draft-changing card in it) is definitely supposed to be drafted, rumors and speculation about how exactly the new rules of the Conspiracy format work have been rampant ever since that confirmation. The only other things we know are this - the set is 210 cards and it, like Archenemy, is intended for three or more players, since one of its mechanics, called will of the council, involves a majority vote.

So if Conspiracy is the theme, what's the implementation going to be like? Here are some possibilities:

  • Mafia: the Gathering. Players are divided into secret teams before the game; the "civilians" can win collectively by forcing all the "scum" to lose the game and the "scum" can do so by outnumbering the "civilians." The voting mechanic would matter here by allowing players to look for vote patterns as part of the investigation.
  • Clue: the Gathering. Players get access to pieces of a mystery, and by correctly naming all of the hidden pieces, can win the game as an alternate win condition.
  • Reverse Archenemy. Every player is convinced that the others are out to get them, and tries to sway the "conspirators" to their own side.

What are your "Conspiracy theories" about the upcoming summer release? Let me know in the comments.

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