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Conspiracy sales solicitation released

...and even the store owners are in on it!
...and even the store owners are in on it!

This summer's supplemental product is known to be something not quite like anything we've ever seen before in Magic. It's called Conspiracy, and it apparently adds new mini-game-like features to every aspect of the events surrounding a game, from the draft (since this is a Limited product) on down. And Wizards of the Coast wants to excite store owners about it, marketing the set to fans of other supplements like Commander and Planechase. The Conspiracy sales solicitation pdf has a bit of new tantalizing information for us.

Pick. Plot. Play!

Magic: The Gathering - Conspiracy(tm) is a new standalone booster set where the intrigue begins long before the first spells are cast! The set is designed to be drafted and then played in Free-For-All multiplayer games.

Revolutionary new abilities affect every part of the experience, from drafting and deck-building to playing the game.

New Magic(tm) cards with new mechanics, as well as returning favorites, will help draw players into your store for this unique booster draft experience.

Among other things, this does confirm that the format rules don't have teams - it's every player looking to win for themselves. In addition, there will apparently be cards that impose changes on the deckbuilding process - perhaps things that will allow you to change your opponents' decks before the game even starts by forcing them to substitute a card in their build for another dummy card a la the "gunk" mechanic that has been often tossed around R&D.

Two of the booster pack pictures visible are also new: A woman in what looks like a nun's wimple with a screaming mask as her shoulder armor, and a scarlet hellkite flying upwards in the frame. All of the images we've seen so far suggest a world based on a dark and decadent vision of Europe in the 1600s.

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