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Conspiracy Review: Obama Regime has plan for FEMA camps?

We've heard claims for some time that supposedly the federal government has been preparing to set up “FEMA camps” supposedly administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) where allegedly political opponents of the government will be sent to in a time of crisis. For many of us, when these claims were reported while President George W. Bush was in office, they seemed less than believeable. And the claims were often made by the same tinfoil hat types that were obsessed with international Jewish banker conspiracies and other pretty far-out claims. But some bizarre things, that we would have never expected, have happened even under the Clinton Administration that didn't make sense (remember Elian Gonzalez being sent back to Cuba after a FBI raid on his American family?) and some of the worst abuses of individual rights under the lawless Obama Regime. So what is the truth, are there really plans for FEMA camps under the current Obama Regime?

Claims of government plan for FEMA camps are they true?

One of the more thorough examinations of the issue of alleged FEMA camps was done by Popular Mechanics Magazine, whose editor James Meigs appeared on The Glenn Beck show on Fox News some time ago. Meigs concluded that, FEMA camps as they have been claimed by many, are not likely and probably are not in existance. He easily debunked a claim of satellite pictures showing a camp facility in Wyoming was actually a picture of one in North Korea. That is easily debunked and doesn't in and of itself settle the larger issue of whether or not there is a plan for FEMA camps. It just proves that one claim is bogus.

Meigs focuses a lot on the Beech Grove Amtrak facility in Beech Grove, Indiana, and utlimately concludes it's a place where trains are repaired and built for Amtrak. However, the facility is clearly surrounded by barbed wire fence as if it was a prison structure. Many claims have been made that the place is a possible FEMA camp.

The claims, based on this alone, are neither clearly ruled to be true nor debunked by the facts we know about that facility in Beech Grove, Indiana. If the government does have such a plan to shuttle thousands, maybe tens of thousands of political opponents of the Regime aways to such camps, we can quite likely guess how they would do that. Individuals targeted to be taken to such camps would be abducted in the middle of the night from their homes by goon squad government agents and “escorted” to a place like Beech Grove to be put on the trains to be taken in mass groups to the camps. So it could make sense that such a key faciity in the plan for FEMA camps, if one exists, would involve the manufacturing and repairing of trains. But this doesn't entirely prove that there is such a plan.

This is one of the articles making claim that FEMA camps are very real and the government has at least a contingency, if not a plan, to shuttle tens of thousands of citizens to FEMA camps in the event of a major crisis. The article exposes the fact that there is in fact an actual plan for interning citizens in camps, much like the interment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. Even this far left Examiner columnist claims a plan under the Reagan Administration that would have invovled interning millions of Americans in prison camps. If such a plan existed under Reagan, it was probably in place before he took office and likely has not been eliminated by any of the presidential administrations that have come since Ronald Reagan was president.

The question comes down to this, is there in fact plan for FEMA camps or something like them in general? The answer is yes, there is a plan, written on paper and approved by government agencies for possible use. The key word is possible use. I still doubt any such thing would ever happened while George W. Bush was president. But under the Obama Regime, so I think such a plan could be impliemented during a time of crisis? That I don't know. I don't have a lot of faith in the Obama Regime to do what's right. This administration has ignored rulings by federal judges, it has imposed and enforced unconstitutional laws and implimented illegal executive orders. The Obama Regime is so lawless, we really can not put past this group doing almost anything if it believed it was necessary for them to maintain and expand power.

Ted Cruz, speaking at CPAC earlier this year was right, when he talked about President Obama and said, “if you have a president who can pick and choose which laws to follow, you don't have a president, you have a dictator.” He was right. I hope we never see FEMA camps. The sooner Barack Hussein Obama leaves the White House, and we do not replace him with the authoritarian monster named Hillary Clinton, the more likely it is we will not see FEMA camps. That's the truth, but no doubt the far left will accuse me of being paranoid and wearing my tinfoil hat again. But remember, to be paranoid is to have unreasonable fear of something. Given the authoritarian nature of the Obama Regime, such concerns on the part of those who prefer liberty of fascism are not so unreasonable.

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