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Conspiracy fully spoiled

They all were voted "Least Trustworthy."
They all were voted "Least Trustworthy."

After a perplexingly long wait, the time is finally here. Limited players ought to start watching their backs, because it doesn't count as paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Yes, the full card image gallery for Conspiracy is finally up on the mothership. And this set accomplishes what no supplemental product has ever done before: It is built almost like a real expansion, with mechanical themes, keywords used at every rarity, and a cohesive setting. Before this, products like Commander and Planechase were only focused on supporting the rules of their intended format with their new cards, to the extent that they had themes at all. But these products were allowed to be mishmashes because they were Constructed-only, and to build a sensible Limited deck in Conspiracy there had to be the usual thematic design considerations. Of course, both holistic and eclectic designs have their merits, and I won't attempt to debate that.

So check out the set - interesting cards include the red entry in the +1/+1 counter cycle that has the potential to get really big and provide even more fat; the Hound Construct that hunts a specific player; and, of course, my favorite, the combotastic mana-making Ogre beater, plus a lot of unexpected and enticing reprints. More specific content about the set will come soon.