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Console Wars

Which conolse tops next-gen sales?
Which conolse tops next-gen sales?
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Sony’s PlayStation 4 is continuing to break sales records, passing 7 million units sold as of April 6. Console sales are so vigorous, in fact, that Sony says it’s still struggling to keep up with demand. Software sales are also very strong, no doubt helped by rave reviews for Infamous Second Son, with 20.5 million games sold as of April 13. Meanwhile, in the Xbox One camp, Microsoft has remained ominously silent, failing to release sales figures since the end of 2013. Presumably, Microsoft was waiting to see if the release of Titanfall would give the Xbox One a healthy bump in sales, perhaps putting it back on a level footing with the PS4. Now, however, more than a month after Titanfall’s release, and less than two million in copies sold, one has to wonder why Microsoft is still mute on the matter.

Less than a year after Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One, Microsoft has announced the game console's price dropped from $500 to $400. How's Microsoft making up for the price difference? By removing Kinect, of course. The camera/microphone peripheral introduced halfway through Xbox 360's life cycle was a standard in every Xbox One sold since launch last November, but no longer. As of this June, a second option will exist on retailer shelves; a less expensive option. And Xbox marketing lead Yusuf Mehdi is all about that option:

"We have 80-plus million Xbox 360 users today who want an Xbox One, and many of them tell us, 'For me, it's an affordability issue. I'm gonna get there; it's just a question of time. If you make it more affordable, then I'll upgrade faster.' So this is an opportunity to really make it easier for them to get there at their pace." Of course, providing that option is in the interest of spurring sales. The issue isn't that Xbox One consoles aren't selling, it's that they're not selling as fast as Sony's PlayStation 4. Currently, Xbox One is a couple million units behind PlayStation 4, and it's impossible to cite those numbers without considering today's news as directly attributable.

In a post on the US PlayStation blog, Sony announced that it has sold 7 million units of the PS4 globally up until April 6. In a separate press release, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said:

“The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage.” The press release also had the usual dump of statistics: We’re now up to 135 million uses of the Share button, 4.9 million Twitch and Ustream broadcasts, and 90 million spectate sessions. So 6 months after their initial releases it is safe to say that the advantage goes to Sony. See you at the 12 month mark. Until then…Happy Gaming!!!