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Consignment shopping buyer beware, be aware

Shopping consignment stores is a fun way to save money or make money on eBay.  The buyer should beware and be aware.  Whether you are shopping for clothing or household items, know the market.  Many retail stores are offering bargain basement prices on new items which might be cheaper than used items in consignment stores.  The general rule is that the value of a new item drops by 50% the minute you take it out of the store. 

Consignment shopping should be fun, friendly and fair.  This editor is biased because she is one of the partners of FRATZ' Consignment, LLC established in 2001 in Fenton, Michigan.   

If an item seems overpriced then it  was probably is and most likely priced by the consignor.  Consignors start out high hoping for an immediate buyer, what they don't realize is that the longer it sits in the consignment store, the less likely it will sell.  If you consign, think about what you would pay for it as a used item; set the price accordingly.

Prior to owning FRATZ',  I frequented consignment stores to find treasures to sell on eBay.  Home Care was a great platform for visiting every antique and consignment store in the area.  My favorite (aside from FRATZ') is Treasure Mart  in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  This is probably one of the first consignment stores in Michigan.  They have been in business for 25+ years.  The store is located in an old three story house painted a light blue with white shutters.  It is filled from top-to-bottom; I love this place.  No illusions of being an "upscale" consignment store - just a great place to find treasures.  One such treasure I found is in the Gouda Museum; there is a lot of pleasure in knowing that a Dutch National treasure was found in Ann Arbor, Michigan and sold on eBay.  Later, I will tell you about the original Charles Schultz illustrations that I found, paid $6.00 a piece and sold for $1,000.00 each on eBay.  Yeah me! 

How do you save and make money shopping in consignment stores?  Know the market. Examine the condition.  Compare new prices to consignment prices (it might surprise you).  Everything in a consignment store is not a bargain.  FRATZ' allows three day returns (with a receipt) because of the lessons learned from other consignment stores.  You do your best to examine everything only to get home and find damage that was not evident in low lighting.  Ask about the return policy and keep your receipt.  Do not play the consignment game without knowing the rules.  Being a frugal shopper requires that you do the research and know a bargain when you see it. 

Next time, visit my page to find out about the Charles Schultz drawings!              


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