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Consignment = Bargains

Consignment Destination
Consignment Destination

In this economy, you can give your wardrobe a face lift without spending tons of money. Consignment is the latest trend in fashion. In the age of bargain hunting, there are lots of stores around town catering to upscale shoppers who want to look to ways to stretch their dollars further. Two locally owned stores do just that.

Chic Repeats in Parker give buyers and sellers the win-win benefit. 

Chic Repeats sells designer/mall name brand clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses for teens and women. Their policy is simple. Bring in your items to sell, with no appointment necessary. Chic Repeats also has unique pieces to decorate your home so why not skip the sales racks and head to a store full of sales everyday? You just may find something fabulous without the price tag.

Twice as Haute,, voted "Westword's Best Consignment," and "Channel 7 The Denver A-List of Consignment Boutiques." You can sell items that are in great condition and make a little cash on the side. You can shop for new additions to your own wardrobe and save a lot of cash. Check out their Ebay site where you can see all the great deals only offered on their website. 

Chic Repeats is located at 17914 Cottonwood Drive in Parker. (303)766-SHOP (7567).

Twice as Haute is located at 600 Downing Street in Denver. (303) 753-6003.


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