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Considering the best care for Lad, the collie shot in the face

The Best Possible care is being provided for Lad. Not only does he have the dedicated staff at Blue Pearl in Louisville taking care of him, he also has the Oral surgeons at University of California, Davis looking into his case. UC Davis is a world leader in veterinary medicine. The surgeons from both facilities are currently discussing Lads situation and considering if he would benefit from treatment at UC Davis. No decisions have as yet been made. The Arrow Fund, Blue Pearl, and UC Davis are working together to make the best decisions for Lad’s continuing care. On their Facebook page The Arrow Fund released a statement that Lad is doing well as of Feb. 27.

People have embraced Lad.  The send him toys, bibs and blankets.
The Arrow Fund

Lad is still in a state of extreme malnourishment, but he is continuing to improve daily. He is now capable of eating wet food that is hand fed to him. Feeding can be a bit of a lengthy process but it is well worth it since he is finally capable of eating with his mouth. He is given a can of wet food every six hours and shows great enthusiasm for it. His feeding tube has been pulled and he is also able to drink water on his own.

Every day his amazing spirit shines through. At around 8 months old he is still just a puppy, eager to play and engage. He plays with toys that have been sent to him, through The Arrow Fund, by people from across the country. Bibs, some embroidered with his name, others declaring “Drool is Cool”, and hand sewn blankets that have been sent, have been put to good use.

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