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Considering Freelance Staff?

Freelance support is invaluable in challenging economic times.
Freelance support is invaluable in challenging economic times.

There are many things to consider when determining whether to hire freelance business and copy writers to support existing staff.  Here a few of the concerns are addressed.

What makes a good freelance business or copy writer?

A good freelance business or copy writer supports your company's objectives by communicating your product and service superiority, persuading customers of your unparalleled value, and representing your business image positively through all mediums. Entrenched in your corporate culture and able to write from your company's voice, a good freelance writer is a resourceful part of your team; easy to work with, accessible, affordable. Meanwhile, this individual is able to maintain an objective eye and is confident enough to offer a fresh perspective when it sways from the status quo.

What are the risks?

Perhaps you are afraid that temporary staff is noncommittal, unreliable and a little too independent? Certain that your contractor may sacrifice time on your project to focus on another more interesting, more lucrative client? Not confident that a freelancer can resist making a market amongst your competitors by leveraging experience with your business?

All of the above equally applies to the "employees-at-will" sitting outside your office right now.

Where can I find good freelancers?

Like any service provider, the very best resource is through his or her past customers. Ask around and solicit referrals. Focus on delivery performance; on time, on spec and within budget. Inquire about work style; accessibility, responsiveness, turn around. Don't neglect the touchy stuff; personality, cooperativeness, professionalism, integrity.

Lastly, there are dozens of freelance resources for businesses in the Greater Boston area. Here are a few:

- Boston Chamber of Commerce

- Colleges and Universities: BU, BC, Emerson, Northeastern

- Staffing Agencies

- Craig's List Boston



- The Creative Group



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