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Considering Culinary School?



Whether it’s a dramatic career change after years in corporate America or a high school student’s vision for the future, culinary school calls out to many people from all walks of life. In the Dallas Metroplex area there are several culinary schools that are just begging for students. Be ready for a two to four year commitment to complete the courses and depending on the institution, costs will range from $25,000 to $55,000.
Some culinary schools in the DFW area include Le Cordon Bleu off of 635 in Dallas , International Culinary School at the Art Institute by North Park in Dallas and El Centro in downtown Dallas. Do some homework before making a decision including visiting the campuses and meeting with an advisor. This will be critical when it comes times to determine if any pre-existing college or university classes will count for credit towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. Some areas of study include Restaurant Management, Pastry and Baking and General Culinary Arts.
Just because you have a culinary degree does that mean that you have to work in a restaurant? The answer is plain and simple – no. There are a variety of directions to follow including those listed below. Best of luck and good cooking!
Food Sales Rep (where do restaurants buy their product?)
Catering (join an existing company or start up your own!)
Hotels (you will start at the bottom)
Food Writer (great if you already have a Journalism degree)
Hospitals/Senior Living Centers (work directly for hotels or for companies like Aramark)
Personal Chef (gaining in popularity very rapidly, especially for families with small children where both parents work)
Food Stylist (great if you have media, advertising, print experience)
Restaurants (you will start at the bottom but gain valuable real life experience – better yet – open up your own place?)
Cruise Ships (do you get sea sick?)
R&D (how do restaurants come up with new menu ideas?)
Food Critic (make sure that your pants have elastic waist bands!)
Cooking School Instructor (often requires an additional Bachelor’s degree)

 Keep on Cookin’: Grains of Paradise     ~     Herby Goodness


  • Summer 5 years ago

    Or, you can just do what I did after graduating. Go back to the hedge fund I was working for...hehe...

    Boy, oh boy..I sure wish they had opened Le Cordon Bleu before I started culinary school. I would have MUCH preferred that school over the greedy Art Institute! :)

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