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Consider what you can do for your partner not what your partner can do for you!

What is common among the strongest, most successful, and longest lasting relationships? To paraphrase a line from President Kennedy, "Ask not what your partner can do for you, but what you can do for your partner!" In a great relationship partners get their greatest joy by pleasing their partners. To help with chores will please your partner and that should be reward to you just knowing that fact.

The little things that bring joy to a loved one can bring greater joy to you just in realizing his or her pleasure. Not only will little gestures make your relationship happier, but it will strengthen the bonds between you. Tis also holds for your sexuality. If you make your primary goal the pleasing of your partner rather than targeting your own satisfaction, you'll find that the joy and turn on you yourself derive from his or her cries of joy and orgasm will lead to your own strongest sexual pleasures. See "FOREPLAY - the real focus of great sex," or Sex in the Golden Years - the best sex ever," at

Concentrate on what you can do for your partner rather than what your partner can do for you and you'll have a relationship full of love, joy and happiness.

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