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Consider a scooter for your large commercial property

Getting around a large commercial site is so much easier on an electric scooter.
Getting around a large commercial site is so much easier on an electric scooter.
by EcoReco

Anyone who owns, operates, appraises or does maintenance on large commercial projects probably considers their footwear very carefully. Why? Because it takes forever to hoof it around the whole site. I know people who probably spend 50% of their day, just walking back and forth all over their factory floor.

Consider an alternative – the EcoReco

This Earth Day 2014 is a good time to consider an ecologically good idea that also makes perfect sense economically. An electric scooter like the EcoReco is a smart tool that is:

a) Strong enough to carry an adult and tools

b) Durable enough to last for years

c) Compact enough to stick under a desk when folded

d) Runs for 20 miles on one charge

e) Recharges from any 110v outlet

f) 8x faster than an average walking speed

The EcoReco is as fast as Usain Bolt, but you could keep going for almost an hour at that speed. He couldn’t. Not that you need to cover the entire length of your property in record time, but think about the time you could save on an average one acre lot.

At 208 feet square, you could ride the perimeter in just 27 seconds. If your property was 10 acres, you could cover it all, corner-to-corner in just 1minute and 20 seconds. Think about that the next time you are in a hurry.

The EcoReco uses a 250W motor that will carry you 500 miles for $1 worth of electricity. How’s that for Earth Day sustainability?

It goes up to 23 MPH with an average size adult aboard and can be regulated down to 7.5 or 12.5 MPH if desired. With a 20 mile cruising range between charges, you could even run errands off-property during the day and still have plenty of juice left for on-site excursions.

When needed, it folds in as little as 5 seconds into a 36” x 12” x 6” space. Heck, I’ve taken it on the bus with me. (That’s a perfect way to extend its range.)

Get a couple of these for your mechanics and watch those service times shrink! It holds a man and a tool belt or toolbox quite nicely. You’ll make your mechanics and Mother Earth quite happy.

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