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Conservatives think factual statement is a joke

On Friday comedian Bill Maher said, “the biggest problem in politics today is we don’t really have a Left Party,” during an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, and conservatives all over the country started laughing at him. They laughed so loud they must not have heard his completely rational explanation as to why he would say such a thing.

Bill Maher speaks onstage at the Cinema For Peace event benefitting J/P Haitian Relief Organization in Los Angeles held at Montage Hotel on January 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Michael Buckner

"This is well-documented, that it’s the Republican Party that moved to the right," he went on, explaining the idea in simple terms that even a Republican should be able to understand. "You can tell this by the fact that Democratic policies, like Obamacare, are old Republican policies. Cap-and-trade is an old Republican policy."

Conservatives don't always understand what a fact is, so his use of "by the fact that" may be confusing some of them. They tend to think that when explaining something in political terms you can follow "by the fact that" with any random thing you make up that bolsters your case. This simply isn't true.

The phrase "by the fact that" can only be followed by a true statement for the sentence to retain any amount of honesty. Obamacare is in fact a Republican policy, otherwise known as Romneycare. Cap-and-trade was, in fact, promoted by John McCain during his Republican presidential run. Now these are suddenly liberal-commie ideas? No, they are still Republican ideas.

When you look at the ACTIONS of the political parties you will see that the Democratic party lies right-of-center on the political spectrum and Republicans fall on the extreme right with authoritarian tendencies. Republicans are just calling themselves Democrats these days, while those who call themselves Republicans are off the deep end in a land where the government leaves corporations alone and dictates every move citizens are allowed to make.

Bill Maher is right. We are in desperate need of a liberal party in this country.

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