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Conservatives met with hostility at NAACP convention

The NAACP is holding its 105th annual convention at the posh Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas using the theme of "All in for justice and equality." Unless, of course, one happens to be a conservative, as indicated by a video posted Monday at Progressives Today. In that case, there is neither justice nor equality. In fact, Jim Hoft reported, conservatives can expect to be met with open hostility.

NAACP greets conservatives with hostility.
Eric Kayne/Getty Images

That was the case when one black woman angrily confronted Deneen Borelli, director of outreach at FreedomWorks, and CL Bryant, a fellow at FreedomWorks and a former NAACP leader. As can be seen in the video above, the woman refused to hear what Borelli and Bryant had to say while speaking over them and dismissing their statements.

For years, Hoft said, the NAACP has refused to allow booths from conservatives groups and has banned conservative speakers. This year, they relented somewhat, allowing the FreedomWorks booth. No conservatives, however, were allowed to speak at the convention, which ironically claims to tout "justice and equality."

For many, this isn't too surprising. In February, Joe Wurzelbacher -- known as "Joe the Plumber" -- said the NAACP is a racist, bigoted organization because it doesn't represent black conservatives like Herman Cain and Allen West. Worse yet, he added, the group remains silent when black conservatives are the target of racist slurs from liberals.

This isn't the first time the NAACP has targeted Borelli and Bryant. Last July, the American Spectator reported that both black conservatives were blackballed by the so-called civil rights group that Kevin Jackson's Blacksphere said was "once formed to ensure black people could strive, on an equal playing field without fear of bodily harm, to achieve their dreams in America," but "now only protects the struggles and aspirations of liberal blacks."

But neither Borelli nor Bryant are being silent as the NAACP demands. Hoft said the two conservatives will hold their own “Empower Liberty Summit” in the same hotel, directly across the hall from the NAACP event on Monday.

"It’s the only way their voices can be heard," he said.

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