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Conservatives, liberals slam changing the Electoral College process

Voters go to the polls
Voters go to the polls
(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

A report on Saturday stated that if the democrats and socialist George Soros have their way, the Electoral College process will be replaced with a national popular vote and now, conservatives and some liberals are coming out slamming changing the process.

Todd Beamon of Newsmax TV reported on Sunday that conservative Bill Kristol, founder and editor of "The Weekly Standard" along, former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Kevin Jackson, the radio talk-show host and author, and liberals such as Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz and Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf said the move would undermine the fairness of electing a president.

All appeared on The Steve Malzberg Show explaining that changing the process circumvents the Constitution. Furthermore, how it resembles President Barack Obama's abuse of the law through his continuous use of executive orders.

Conservative Bill Kristol told Malzberg, “It is pretty startling… “If they want to make the case for the popular election of presidents and a Constitutional amendment, they should make the case.”

“But the left these days doesn't make the case, and they don't go the normal route of changing the law if they don't like the law,” Kristol said.

“They think of gimmicks and evasions and ways to get around the normal popular debate…this is all happening kind of quietly. I'm really struck by the way they’re doing it.”

Fox News analyst, political strategists, and presidential advisor during the Clinton years, Dick Morris revealed the plan Friday and that the plan is being funded in part, by the Center for Voting and Democracy, an election group funded by well-known socialist, George Soros.

In that report, Morris said, “All of the jurisdictions supporting the compact backed President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.”

In continuing the interview with Malzberg, Kevin Jackson, radio talk-show host and author said, “We're dangerously close to the left having control of the Supreme Court with the possible retirement of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 81, and three others in their 70s… it's definitely trying to get around the system.”

While the left –leaning groups are attempting to get the process changed, well-known liberal Alan Dershowitz told Malzberg, “The compact certainly violates the spirit of the Constitution. Plainly, the founders of the Constitution did not intend for there to be a conspiracy among certain states to essentially abolish the Electoral College.”

Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf sounded off and agreed and said, “It's nuts…here's a case of where they're trying to go around the Constitution, around the law, to do something that's patently illegal and wrong. It's the same way the Obama administration issues executive orders.”

In related news, Chris DeSanctis who teaches in the Department of Government and Politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield in Connecticut pointed out earlier this month that the state of Connecticut is attempting to rid the Electoral College process as well but that they need to understand the damage it will cause.

DeSanctis said, “The Electoral College, more than a national popular vote, produces an accountable president. The Electoral College makes it necessary for presidential candidates to learn the diverse needs, interests, and cultures of different regions and states in America. With a national popular vote, this necessity disappears, and all focus turns toward major population centers in urban areas in big states.”

“Under a national popular vote, presidential elections would become urban, big-state-centric with no accountability among the candidates to learn the issues that concern suburban, rural and other lightly populated areas…a definite blow to federalism.”

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