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Conservatives Embarrass America

Last month, former Vice President Dick Cheney emerged from his tomb of death and denial (denying that he is responsible for any of America’s many problems and shooting anybody in the face who says otherwise) to address the wildly enthusiastic and historically challenged members of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC).    CPAC is promoted as a serious gathering of serious minded people focused on finding conservative solutions to America’s many problems, yet all that was on display was a hyper-partisan, facts be damned, vaudevillian comedy show; think Eugene McCarthy meets Don Rickles (without the funny)!   In fact, rather then make a serious attempt to foster new ideas to address America’s problems (problems caused mostly by their old ideas), the attendees were in full retreat from reality as they completely absolved themselves and their ideas of any responsibility for said problems!  

Unfortunately for the CPAC crowd, recent history is crystal clear about what happened to America the last time their ideological brethren had total control over the fulcrum of power in Washington.   For six of the previous eight years, the Bush/Cheney administration controlled the White House and the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress.   When they came to power, the departing Democratic President (Bill Clinton) left America with a robust budget surplus and a general sense of peace and prosperity throughout America and the world.   The results which ensued from the Republican’s scorched earth, hyper partisan brand of conservative governance is a matter of historical record and if the current political environment was one in which facts actually mattered, their constant carping at Democrats would be seen as evidence detachment, denial or amnesia!    

They did nothing to prevent a devastating terrorist attack (9-11), they started an unnecessary and illegal war, they twice pushed through two budget busting tax cuts (using budget reconciliation) and a huge new budget busting entitlement program (also using reconciliation).   As a result of their ideologically doctrinaire conservative governing practices, they left office with a gigantic budget deficit, rising unemployment and America mired in two costly wars!   Their breathtaking fiscal irresponsibility and their imperialistic foreign policy exposed the difference between the philosophy conservatives pay lip service to and the policies they actually pursue after they taste political power.   Either they betrayed their own ideology (as they now claim) in an attempt to maintain said power, or they pursued it and now they refuse to accept the results!

Not one American has lost his or her job or home as a result of any policy initiated by President Obama or the Democratic majorities in Congress, yet Democrats are the politicians whom this CPAC crowd blames for all these national nightmares!   Our media knows this, yet they continue to provide conservatives with a platform to make all manner of baseless allegations against the mostly blameless and unfortunately spineless Democrats, !   The fact that this misdirected “blame-gaming” is directly contradicted by the recent historical record is somehow lost on both the CPAC crowd and the media poodles that cover our politics!   But what about everyone else who is watching this madness and what does it say to them about America?   Witnessing this madness and the political paralysis that it has created, how long will the rest of the world look to America has a great Democracy and a beacon of hope?

Do we really think that global observers of American politics can’t see that far too many Republicans and their media poodles are less interested in the general welfare of the American people (no health care) then they are their careers and their quest for more money and power!  Americans need to understand that the foreign press, while surely fascinated by our politics and the cynicism and mendacity displayed by many of our politicians, has no vested interest in providing their audiences with the same air brushed, pro-Republican news coverage that is provided by their Americans counterparts!   With the rapid advance of technology, the world keeps getting smaller and more interdependent.   As a result, shouldn’t Americans care about the messages we send to the rest of the world regarding our Political leaders and their ability to govern?  


Do conservatives really not see how their embrace of and adulation for the former Vice President compromises any moral or legal argument Americans might later make with regard to the actions of foreign nations?   Americans denounce the Syrian people for their enthusiastic embrace of the terrorist who was recently released from prison in Scotland (Lockerbie bomber) while CPAC attendees simultaneously cheer wildly for America’s own admitted war criminal (Dick Cheney)!   Conservatives simply refuse to allow themselves to understand what motivates the Syrian people, without it ever occurring to them that the Syrian’s have reserved for themselves the same hypocritical nationalistic nearsightedness that defines the perspective of Republicans in general and the CPAC crowd in particular !    

At last month’s CPAC convention, conservative mendacity was on full display for the entire world to see and it, once again, embarrassed America.   The world’s 1.5 billion Muslims watch as conservatives lead the way in reducing any attempt to understand what motivates Islamic terrorism as unpatriotic “blame America first-ism” and then when an American engages in domestic terrorism owing to some objection to America’s progressive tax policy, conservative Congressmen Steve King refers to said terrorist as a hero during his right wing speech (rant) before the cheering throngs at the CPAC convention!   Can they really not understand how this breathtaking nationalistic hypocrisy appears to the rest of the world and how it continues to tarnish America’s image?  

So when the CPAC conference concluded with a keynote address delivered by the clown prince of right wing gasbagery; Glen Beck, the non-substance and complete lack of seriousness of the conservative movement was laid bare for all to see!   The CPAC crowd is the vocal and activist wing of one of America’s two major political parties and as such they define a large portion of what constitutes American political thought.   They’re rigidly ideological, fact and reason averse, cynical, corrupt, hawkish, hyper partisan, racially regressive and transparently disdainful of anyone who disagrees with them!   They shine a very unflattering light on our political system and they continue to embarrass the American people!       


  • Aristotle 5 years ago

    This crap should be burned. However, it's good to see your spelling has improved. I take it you finally got your GED?

  • Dems death on 11-2 5 years ago

    "Not one American has lost his or her job or home as a result of any policy initiated by President Obama or the Democratic majorities in Congress, "

    and you have what evidence of that? Or is that just like the number of jobs saved? A number that is impossible to quantify.

    Obama is an embarrassment to the WORLD! A Community agitator has no place running this country. He has spent his adult dealing with those less educated and intelligent. Now he is facing better educated and smarter people and he is lost like a puppy.

  • herb 5 years ago

    I find it amazing that you are actually an attorney, do you work for ACORN? Was that diploma from DeVry?

    "Not one American has lost his or her job or home as a result of any policy initiated by President Obama or the Democratic majorities in Congress, "

    Did this revelation come a dream of despair from one of those emails you got from the Whitehouse?

  • american woman 5 years ago

    I can't decide if this poorly rationalized article was written to outrage, and pump the blog comment numbers, or if this poor sap actually believes this drivel. It matters not. I'm not wasting my intelligence, or typing on a moonbat liberal. But it might make a great comedy routine.

  • Mark 5 years ago

    You funny, funny man. You get more disconnected from reality with each attempt.

    American Woman: Unfortunately he believes what he writes. And it is very sad indeed.

  • Bronco 5 years ago

    Wow! This is badly written, and the "facts" are all wrong. More typical liberal name calling - although I like the "media poodles" line - it is justed aimed in the wrong direction. I suppose you also believe in the Eater Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and global warming - facts be damned, huh? Get a clue.
    But, what a great country we live in where everyone can express their opinion, even if that opinion is idiotic. Keep up your support of Obama and his coommunist/soialistic/progressive/liberal policies and see how long you have free speech.

  • Fare the well 5 years ago

    Bronco says: coommunist/soialistic/progressive/liberal policies and see how long you have free speech.

    All the tags are getting to much for me. We need a one or two word name ffor it...
    In Obama's agenda he takes some aspects of all those EXCEPT true free market capitalism. One Examiner calls them LSD's. Liberal/Socialist?Democrats.

    Here is the audio of next weeks floor vote.

  • cary 5 years ago

    another delusional, racist black wanna be lawyer, just like Barack!

  • The Liberal Examiner 5 years ago

    I said; "Not one American has lost his or her job or home as a result of any policy initiated by President Obama or the Democratic majorities in Congress,"
    Rather then tell me what an idiot I am, why not offer up some facts to refute this. Did the Stim. you all hate so much actually lose jobs? You guys exemplify that "Eugene McCarthy meets Don Rickles" line. Your mean and you avoid the issues I raised. Dems death on 11-2, who are these intelligent people you are speaking of, Sarah Palin? That insane lady in Minn?
    Herb your ACORN comment was funny. I'm sorry Cary thinks I'm a racist, I wonder why. The political party I support is pretty diverse, how about yours?

  • Dems death on 11-2 5 years ago

    The Liberal Examiner says: Dems death on 11-2, who are these intelligent people you are speaking of?

    American patriots. Not the leeches he is used to working with and for as community agitator.

    Certainly not people like yourself.

  • The Liberal Examiner 5 years ago

    Dems death on 11-2 respond to the Q ; who are these intelligent people you are speaking of? by saying "American patriots. Not the leeches he is used to working with and for as community agitator Certainly not people like yourself". Curious, are all conservative vested with the ability to tell who does and does not love America based on who does and does not agree with you? But back to my initial responce to your "intelligent people" comment, are Bachman and Palin people you consider intelligent? I don't really mind the insults, some are funny (yours, not so much) but what about the substance of my article. I mean, if an American that you agree with flys a plane into a building, isn't he still a terrorist (and not a hero)? If an American you agree with champions torture (water boarding)and America has previously decided that water boarding is torture and prosecuted foreigners for doing it, how is he a patriot and what dose it say about Conservative that they cheer him??????

  • done in 5 years ago

    Please cease from giving us liberals a bad name! I'm sure you never worked as a lawyer; there's a certain amount of logic necessary to interpret law. Please, please get a hold of a logic text and read!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I read Mr. McFadden’s article "Conservatives Embarrass America" and the article did exactly what it was intended to do and that was to cause me to think about my position or thoughts on America's problems. The thought provoking and opinionated article unfortunately has moved many to respond sensibly with similar and different opinions; however, others responded by questioning the writer’s intelligence, the opposing party’s political agenda, the American Presidency itself and even one's faith in the Easter Bunny. I guess I'm simply thankful that we have the many freedoms that have allowed such a diverse group of opinions to grow and to ultimately form different political agendas, opinions, interest groups, parties and even the article that sparked this very conversation. But please keep in mind that it’s all simply that, ones man opinion. When that opinion is cast as a vote for a party or a particular candidate, it’s still just that, one man’s opinion. With that said, I'll just keep my many other views to myself, least I be vilified or attacked. Enjoy your freedom!

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