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Conservatives create 'ReaganBook,' right wing alternative to Facebook

A new conservative social network.
A new conservative social network.

Anyone who follows politics on Facebook or social media knows that at any moment you could be knocked off a buddy's friends list just by posting or commenting against their preferred ideology. It looks like some conservatives are throwing in the towel and attempting to find a more friendly atmosphere.

If you have ever scrolled through your news feed, you have more than likely witnessed a political meme from a conservative, whether you are a conservative or not. It might have been an "impeach Obama" meme, or it could have been former President Ronald Reagan with a famous quote by his picture. If that is something that fancies you, maybe Facebook isn't your thing. Enter "ReaganBook." The watchdog website Right Wing Watch reported about an event held last weekend titled "Reload 4 Liberty." The conservative gathering hosted by the Ohio Liberty Coalition featured speaker Janet Porter, who has previously pushed for anti-abortion bill in Ohio.

Porter's newest venture is what she calls the "Facebook for patriots." Porter said she started ReaganBook because she wants to tear "down walls of tyranny." ReaganBook's front page promises not to partner with any government agent, or "scam, mine or sell user content. Period."

ReaganBook only has a handful of members, but Porter believes that it will take off in the near future. As a conservative isolation meeting place, it is unknown whether or not ReaganBook will be the next big social networking community.