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Conservatives begin employing boycott tactics

The family featured in "Duck Dynasty" appeared in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The family featured in "Duck Dynasty" appeared in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

In its challenge of centrist republicans (so-called RINOs) and democrats along with outright liberals, progressives and everyone else who is further to the left, conservatives historically have failed to use one tactic that is routinely abused by the left. It is the boycott.

The left often uses the adaptation of yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater by calling conservatives racists, using crude and unpublishable language to lash out at anyone who disagrees with their political and social views, ignoring or disregarding facts, ranting and screaming literally or across social media platforms, and boycotting businesses, speeches and public events.

While conservatives shouldn’t become involved in the thuggery employed by the left, the right still can have a forceful impact when it disagrees with the opposite side. Among viable tactics are to speak-out in unison, boycott the messengers and refuse to purchase products/services from those with whom they disagree.

Besides messages put forth by the Tea Party during the last five years, en masse conservative outrage has been mostly non-existent. Large numbers of conservatives also have not withdrawn their patronage of liberal organizations, companies, entertainers and other public figures.

Duck Dynasty Coming Out Party

A change in the landscape, though, occurred with the recent outcry and boycott in response to comments made by Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty television show clan. The media coverage and social media response from fans and conservatives took the A&E Network by surprise. The negative attention caused both the network and the Cracker Barrel company, which had removed Duck Dynasty items from its store shelves, to quickly reverse knee-jerk reactions.

Within hours of the A&E suspension of Phil Robertson for his personal opinions, a Facebook support page for Duck Dynasty grabbed 400,000 Likes. The fallout may have seriously wounded the A&E and Cracker Barrel brands with conservatives.

The tactic of response and boycott is an essential tool for conservatives to coordinate and to use more effectively to alert liberals, liberal media, companies and nonprofits that they, too, have viewpoints, opinions, beliefs and ideas for the country. Possibly the right has started, with the Duck Dynasty incident, to develop sound strategies and respond in unison when it feels it has been wrongly criticized.

Conservative Consequences

Besides the unified approach, individuals also can become involved by communicating directly with elected officials, media and advertisers that actions taken in support of liberal causes may result in consequences at the election booth, at the newsstand and at retail.

Below is a partial list of companies and organizations for conservatives to consider questioning with letters and boycotts.

Intuit (Turbo Tax, Go-Payment, Lacerte, Mint, ProSeries, QuickBooks, Quicken and SnapTax) is one of many companies that reportedly support Planned Parenthood and abortions. Life Decisions International, which is dedicated to exposing and opposing the Planned Parenthood agenda, reports that its campaign to stop company grants to the organization continues to pay dividends, with at least 289 corporations eliminating funds for Planned Parenthood. The boycott has cost Planned Parenthood more than $40 million.

Other companies recently identified as supporting Planned Parenthood, which also promotes the Affordable Care Act, include VIA Rail (train service in Canada), Adobe, AOL, Arthur Murray, Bank of America, Bikram’s Yoga, Chevron, Danone (Dannon products), Darden Restaurants (eateries that include Olive Garden and Red Lobster), eBay, Marriott, Midas, NACCO (Hamilton Beach and Proctor Silex products; Kitchen Collection and Le Gourmet Chef stores), Nike and Pernod Ricard (alcoholic products that include Absolute, Ballantine’s, Beefeater, Chivas Regal, Kahlúa, Malibu and Royal Salute).

Another promoter of the Affordable Care Act has been the American Association of Retired People (AARP). Its activities on this issue have resulted in a significant loss of membership. A conservative alternative, AMAC (The Association of Mature American Citizens), is gaining momentum.

Progressive Auto Insurance is another champion of liberal causes. The name “Progressive” should have been a signal to conservatives. Peter B. Lewis, the son of the founder, recently died. He was an outspoken and sometimes quarrelsome supporter of liberal programs. Besides his positive philanthropic efforts with museums and education, he contributed tens of millions of dollars to Democrat Party campaigns and groups that included the Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America.

Celebrities To Monitor

Entertainment celebrities who become involved in the political process through the expression of liberal views in interviews and social media also need to be monitored closely by conservatives.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson promotes Planned Parenthood and used profane language to attack 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Comedian Kathy Griffin, raised in a Catholic family, has made anti-Christian remarks and supports liberal causes.

Barbra Streisand, Morgan Freeman, Beyoncé, Joy Bayhar, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeannie Garafalo and Bruce Springstein have voiced their liberal views at public appearances and performances, and in interviews.

Actor Sean Penn is known for his anti-American rants but the media often claims not to understand the cause of his outrage. It possibly stems from the blacklisting of his father as a communist during the 1950s. The truth is that his father, a Hollywood actor and director, admitted that he was a communist.

Sports Journalism Slant

The mainstream news media continues to slant news coverage to promote the progressive agenda. To retaliate, conservatives can stop viewing news and entertainment programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. Loss of viewership will drive down ratings and affect advertising revenue.

The Today Show on NBC continues to experience a ratings decline. CNN and MSNBC have been loosing network-wide viewership. Conservatives also need to contact advertisers of these network programs and inform these companies that they will seek alternative products and services. Print and online publications that infuse news coverage with liberal viewpoints could also be part of a conservative boycott.

The slanting of information also has been documented in issues of Sports Illustrated. Media monitoring groups have reported that writers weave criticism of republicans and conservatives within stories about sports while never commenting on anyone whose views are left of center. Some SI readers even claim the publication is anti-religion.

Conservatives have a lot to consider and possibly act upon.

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